Grassroots Capital Management (GCM) is an impact investment manager based in the US. Grassroots’ mission is to help eliminate poverty and strengthen communities through investments in small and micro businesses, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture and affordable education, in both developing countries and the US. Together with its India based partner, Caspian Advisors, GCM and its predecessors have launched five Microfinance funds since 2003. Currently GCM and Caspian co-manage four Microfinance funds; Fund Details.

Caspian and Grassroots work closely together on project development and management, sharing staff and resources between their New York, Massachusetts, Hyderabad and Delhi offices. For more information about Caspian please visit Caspian’s web site.


  • Grassroots Capital Management announces the launch of a new global initiative, Grassroots Impact First Investments (GIFI). GIFI will provide equity and quasi equity to financially sustainable MFIs that prioritize their social mission and social value added programs. Initially focused on Latin America and Asia, the fund will also target investments in other geographies. This will be the sixth microfinance fund by Grassroots promoters, Paul DiLeo and Vishwanath Prasad. “GIFI is formed for the purpose of making “Impact First” investments in MFIs globally with a clear social priority and exemplary social performance. The fund management will also collaborate in an ongoing complementary effort to foster the pool of “Impact First” Investors through a medium-term program of investor outreach and education.” said Mr DiLeo.
  • Grassroots has posted a summary of the recommendations for increasing access to capital and business development services for U.S. micro and “Main Street” businesses.  The set of recommendations was presented on May 7 at the Association for Enterprise Opportunity’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  The materials are currently being considered by the Micro Capital Task Force to inform their discussions with industry stakeholders and the U.S. Treasury about how to best address the issue of access to capital in the U.S.
  • Alana Heath will be in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, India during the month of July to perform the follow up work on the pilot phase of Alta Solar Project, a rural solar electrification project that she founded in 2012. The pilot targeted 40 homes in three remote villages and Alana and her local business partner, Tashi Gonbo, will be visiting each home to measure and report the social and economic outcomes see link.
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