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Grassroots Capital Management PBC marks 10-year anniversary

It’s been ten years since we launched Grassroots Capital Management PBC to build on the work of the pioneering Gray Ghost Microfinance Fund of funds in engaging private investors with the global microfinance market in order to scale access to finance and other basic services for the poor and disenfranchised throughout the world and improve their lives. Over the course of those ten years, we built on our experiences as one of the earliest impact investors and together with our partners we have helped conceive, launch and manage 14 emerging markets equity and debt impact investment vehicles. We have taken the lead in industry efforts to help investors be clearer about balancing their social and financial objectives and incorporated these approaches into our own investment programs to help investors formulate and achieve their investment goals.

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Paul DiLeo moderated closing plenary at EMW2017

The closing plenary, "Microfinance: positioning ourselves for the next decade," will bring together leaders from the microfinance and broader impact investing community to extract key recommendations for the future of the microfinance industry. Paul DiLeo will be joined by John Alex,…

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New Publication: Microfinance – Revolution or Footnote

Should proponents of microfinance claim victory and go home? Has its image bottomed out? What can microfinance still accomplish? The new paper, “Microfinance: Revolution or Footnote?,” examines these key questions as it looks at the evolution of the microfinance sector since its inception more than 40 years ago and what lessons can be extracted going forward for microfinance and impact investing more broadly.
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SPTF Responsible IPOs Webinar: May 23 at 10a ET

Social Performance Task Force will host a webinar on responsible IPOs - Tuesday May 23, 10:00am EST. Following up on last year's FIEC-sponsored paper, "How to IPO Successfully and Responsibly: Lessons From Indian Financial Inclusion IPOs", Anna Kanze of Grassroots Capital…

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Blog series on the future of microfinance

The final CFI post, “FinTech in Microfinance: In Search of the High Tech – High Touch Unicorn”, has been added to the four-part blog series examining the role of microfinance in creating social value for the client. These posts are based on discussions…

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Prospero Microfinanzas Fund Receives Top GIIRS Rating

We are pleased to announce Prospero‘s third annual updated GIIRS rating! All Prospero’s portfolio companies achieved an average Overall B Score of 138 (Outstanding), up almost 10% from the previous year’s average of 127. Prospero’s portfolio companies attained the highest (Platinum) ratings for their Impact…

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