Blog series on the future of microfinance – new post

A new CFI post, "Time to Ditch Impact Invest's Unproductive Self-Analysis", has been added to the 4-part blog series based on discussions at a gathering, Microfinance Industry: Revolution or Footnote?, hosted by Lehigh University’s Martindale Center which brought together 32 microfinance and impact investing…

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Prospero Microfinanzas Fund Receives Top GIIRS Rating

We are pleased to announce Prospero‘s third annual updated GIIRS rating! All Prospero’s portfolio companies achieved an average Overall B Score of 138 (Outstanding), up almost 10% from the previous year’s average of 127. Prospero’s portfolio companies attained the highest (Platinum) ratings for their Impact…

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Highlights from Our Twitter Debate on Financial Inclusion IPOs

Initial public offerings (IPOs) have played an important role in both scaling the financial inclusion industry as well as catalyzing discussions that led to necessary improvements in the industry's infrastructure, regulations, and investor perception and understanding. The range of conflicting opinions about their…

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GIIRS in Practice: Interview with Prospero’s Fund Manager

Fernando Prado, Fund Manager of the Latin American equity fund Prospero Microfinanzas, was interviewed recently about the significance of the GIIRS rating for the fund and its portfolio company ODEF Financiera SA., a Honduran microfinance institution. Prospero, co-managed by Grassroots and BIM,…

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Grassroots’ Reflections on 2016

by Alana, Amit, Anna, Cynthia and Paul

As we begin the holiday season in the U.S. this year, we at Grassroots would like to step back and reflect on why we do what we do, and how we foresee continuing this work moving forward. What motivates and energizes us is a belief that those of us who have been blessed by wealth, security, health and education have an opportunity and an obligation to use the capabilities and influence that come with these gifts to promote economic justice, to pass on a healthy and resilient planet to the next generations, to protect and lift up others, and to forge and strengthen bonds with diverse people and communities.

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Grassroots will join ABF in Cape Town this November

  • October 19, 2016
  • News

Grassroots has been participating in the Africa Board Fellowship Program (ABF) since 2015.  The four-year program is designed to build governance capacity and practice among directors and senior managers of Africa MFIs. Paul DiLeo will participate as faculty in the…

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Grassroots is attending FOROMIC 2016

Anna Kanze and Paul DiLeo will attend FOROMIC 2016, the annual summit of the Latin American financial inclusion industry, from October 24 – 26 in Jamaica.  Grassroots and its partners BIM will host a meeting of the Prospero Microfinanzas Fund's Advisory…

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Grassroots is Conducting Secondary Market Survey

Building on their previous collaboration in launching and managing the Antares Fund, Omtrix and Grassroots are surveying the current state of the secondary market in microfinance and related assets.  Amit Brar is compiling information to determine resources available to investors in liquidating…

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