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New Publication: Microfinance – Revolution or Footnote

Should proponents of microfinance claim victory and go home? Has its image bottomed out? What can microfinance still accomplish? The new paper, “Microfinance: Revolution or Footnote?,” examines these key questions as it looks at the evolution of the microfinance sector since its inception more than 40 years ago and what lessons can be extracted going forward for microfinance and impact investing more broadly.
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Grassroots’ Annual Benefit Report 2015

Grassroots was the first Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to be signed in Delaware, USA in August of 2013. PBC is a new legal structure for companies with an explicit public benefit purpose, defined as having a “material positive impact on…

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Grassroots’ 2014 GIIRS Rating Report

Grassroots promotes industry standards including public benchmarking and reporting efforts like GIIRS. In 2014, Grassroots received a Platinum score in the Impact Business Models Rating category and details are provided in this report. GIIRS Ratings are issued annually; therefore Grassroots…

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AfriCap Governance Assessment

Published in March 2015, this report draws lessons from then path-breaking experience of the first African microfinance equity fund. Prepared by Paul DiLeo and Amit Brar of Grassroots, the work was sponsored by Calmeadow, which acknowledges the generous support of…

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