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We believe those blessed with abundant human and financial resources have an obligation to pursue economic justice and community empowerment both at home and globally.

Supporting mission-driven companies.

Hardwiring the social mission.

“Double bottom line companies face challenges in communicating their priorities to stakeholders, and in particular investors, and in giving stakeholders confidence that those priorities and the character of the company will be preserved over time. This is a particular challenge for growing companies that need to periodically increase equity by bringing in new investors, or for companies seeking to provide liquidity for investors.”

– Paul DiLeo, ‘Hardwiring’ Social Missions in MFI’s

Measuring what matters.

  • Working with B Lab since 2008 to develop the B Impact Ratings System for financial institutions
  • Selected as one of 12 emerging market Pioneer Fund Managers to participate in a private beta test of the Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) for fund managers
  • Grassroots’ portfolio companies consistently rank in the top quintiles of the GIIRS’ growing database of impact companies
  • Received two B Corp awards (‘Best for the World’ for workplace, and a B Corp Champion Award for industry support) in 2014
  • Led discussions of Balanced Returns and wrote guidelines for SPTF
  • Led a collaboration between members of the FIEC and the Microfinance CEO Working Group to develop a social performance “Roadmap”
  • Leading the dialogue on impact investing through our blog posts, and publications as well as contributions to other industry blogs and working papers
  • Member of the Health and Market Development (HAMED) working group that is developing standards and indicators aimed at measuring progress towards achieving more equitable health access for poor and vulnerable populations

Achieving Positive Client Outcomes

A strong foundation for achieving positive client outcomes requires well-defined mission and objectives; deliberate social performance strategies; clear target market; active measurement and monitoring of key performance indicators; and using these data to make decisions.

The ultimate goal of our work is that increased access to responsibly designed and delivered products and services will help clients to better their lives and build resilient communities.

To achieve this goal Grassroots believes that it is essential to set targets and collect data, however imperfect, to permit accountability and enable continuous improvement in our results and the effective use of human and financial resources.

In pursuing our social objectives, Grassroots develops, endorses, promotes, and implements recognized industry-wide standards and initiatives.

Equitable access to financial services for underserved/ under-banked clients
Promotion of transparent and ethical business practices in invested entities
Desired OutcomesIncreased # of clients from Target MarketIncreased access to products and servicesIncreased benefits to clientsData collection & utilization of industry standardsAdoption of common reportingExemplary social performance management
Indicators• % Women
• % Urban or Rural
• % Agriculture
• % Low-income
• % Unique or Under-banked
# of Clients or Beneficiaries by:
• Credit Product
• Remittances
• Insurance
• Training
• Education
• Health Services
• Housing
• Water Solutions
• Client Retention
• Client Satisfaction
• Track change in clients’ savings, revenue, and income
• Reports to credit bureau
• Implement Smart CPPs
• SPTF Standards
• MIX Market
• Ratings
• KPIs per mission and desired outcomes
• Track progress towards mission
• Data collection/ analysis to better tailor products and services to clients’ needs

Grassroots has played a key role in establishing standards for rating social performance.

B Corp / GIIRS

Grassroots promotes industry standards including public benchmark and reporting efforts like B Corp and the Global Impact Investment Reporting System (GIIRS). GIIRS is a ratings system that provides comparable social…

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Financial Inclusion Equity Council

Paul DiLeo is a member of the executive committee of the Financial Inclusion Equity Council (FIEC, formerly Council of Microfinance Equity Funds). Grassroots has contributed to discussions of governance, social…

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Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance

Grassroots was one of the inaugural signatories of the UN-backed PRI Initiative’s PIIF (Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance) and took part in the voluntary pilots of the PRI’s new Reporting…

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Public Benefit Corporation

Grassroots was the first Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to be created in Delaware, USA in August of 2013.

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