Blog series on the future of microfinance – new post

A new CFI post, "Time to Ditch Impact Invest's Unproductive Self-Analysis", has been added to the 4-part blog series based on discussions at a gathering, Microfinance Industry: Revolution or Footnote?, hosted by Lehigh University’s Martindale Center which brought together 32 microfinance and impact investing…

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The Microfinance Industry: Revolution or Footnote?

  • March 6, 2017
  • Blog

Will microfinance respond and adapt to the evolving financial inclusion landscape, or is it yesterday’s solution, to be supplanted by more cutting edge, “impactful” initiatives? These are the questions to be discussed at an upcoming workshop, "The Microfinance Industry: Revolution…

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Highlights from Our Twitter Debate on Financial Inclusion IPOs

Initial public offerings (IPOs) have played an important role in both scaling the financial inclusion industry as well as catalyzing discussions that led to necessary improvements in the industry's infrastructure, regulations, and investor perception and understanding. The range of conflicting opinions about their…

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Linking Impact Measurement & Management Tools: Webinar on June 9th

The IRIS initiative, managed by the GIIN, and the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) partnered to align and bring clarity to impact measurement tools, metrics, and methodologies. On June 9th, the GIIN is hosting a webinar to explain these partnerships and answer questions. Grassroots is participating to provide the investor perspective on how it has incorporated tools into its impact investment activities.

Webinar date and registration details are below.

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New client outcomes database tool

Grassroots has been advocating and collaborating with initiatives to develop measurement tools for measuring outcomes at the client level. At today's Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) Social Investor Working Group meeting, Bobbi Gray of Freedom from Hunger introduced the Global Health…

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