Aligning Investments
with values

The Grassroots difference is this: when it comes to investing in small and micro business, climate resilience, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, food security, health protection, education, we align your investments with your values.

Grassroots Experience


The Grassroots Difference

At Grassroots, we manage funds that provide a measurable social and enviromental impact, not just a financial return. It isn’t enough to want positive impact, you have to strategically select investments that promote positive change in the sectors that are most important to you, then rigorously and continuously measure desired performance to actual outcomes.

Successful Strategy

Whether we are working with investors in an Advisory, Fund Management, or Governance capacity, every fund we engage with has a real, measurable impact that is as essential as its positive financial returns. otherwise, you might be making yourself good, but you’re most certainly not making a difference.


Our Experienced Team


We have consistently and prudently pushed the envelope of what impact investment can accomplish with increasingly rigorous and positive impact and financial accountability.

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Align Your Investments
With Your Values

Issues, not just money, are important to us, and they are important to you, too. You want to have the maximum impact on the issues that matter most to you, be they related to climate resilience, affordable housing, suitable agriculture, food security, health protection, education. Grassroots is here  to help you align your investments with your values. Click here to schedule a personal consultation to discuss how can you work with the firm that helped shape the impact investment movement to have your own real, measurable, social, environmental and financial impact investment realized.