Our Team

Mobilizing Capital

Our investments in small and micro-businesses, housing, sustainable agriculture, health protection and affordable education, are helping to eliminate poverty and strengthen communities.

Aligning Investments

We provide investors with effective, reliable avenues for allocation of a portion of their resources to social investments.

Creating Opportunity

We create innovative and socially responsible investment opportunities in collaboration with partners who share our values.

Leading with Impact Capital

Impact capital can move mountains, and people. Through the 90s, the Grassroots team’s experiences as one of the earliest impact investors impressed upon us the power that mission-driven capital has to create innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s most pressing and seemingly intractable challenges. Poverty and inequality? Erosion of community? Disempowerment? Climate insecurity? With ingenuity, heart, and funds, it’s inspiring to realize how much positive change is possible.

Considering All Stakeholders

Gathering resources for the greater good is a cornerstone of strategic and successful impact investment. When individuals and institutions invest a larger pool of money, considering a fuller range of stakeholders, the potential for positive impact is profound. Grassroots recognizes that in impact investing, as in life, we are stronger together.

Building Impact through Investments

From its initial misperception as a fleeting philanthropic novelty to its evolution as a full on global microfinance industry, Grassroots has been a fierce champion of investing with impact in mind. With over 300 million clients, fully integrated into capital markets and many national financial systems, microfinance is an early pioneer of the “impact investing” movement and serves as a model for impact investing more broadly.

Beginning with microfinance investments in the late 90s, Grassroots has helped to design, launch and manage a dozen impact investment funds in microfinance, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), sustainable agriculture, and affordable education. The Grassroots team has seen its theory proven time and again: Investment capital is one of the most powerful tools for positively transforming the world. Constructively deployed capital can build communities, eliminate poverty, elevate lives. Grassroots is proud to help encourage individuals and institutions to contemplate not how money can change them, but how they can use their money to change the world.

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