Blog series on the future of microfinance

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The final CFI post, “FinTech in Microfinance: In Search of the High Tech – High Touch Unicorn”, has been added to the four-part blog series examining the role of microfinance in creating social value for the client. These posts are based on discussions at a gathering: “Microfinance Industry: Revolution or Footnote?“, hosted by Lehigh University’s Martindale Center with support from the Calmeadow Foundation and the Financial Inclusion Equity Council, which brought together 32 microfinance and impact investing industry leaders from around the world.

We welcome readers to participate in this exciting discussion and contribute your views in the comments section of this blog or on the CFI blog.

All four blog posts can be found here:

  1. Microfinance Is Dead; Long Live Microfinance!
  2. Time to Ditch Impact Investing’s Unproductive Self-Analysis
  3. Can MFIs Deliver What Poor People Need?
  4. FinTech in Microfinance: In Search of the High Tech – High Touch Unicorn

You can also find the video recordings from Martindale’s discussion here.