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The Grassroots team draws on its extensive hands-on experience in the design, launch and management of impact investment vehicles to assist others with their own initiatives.

Strengthening Governance

The Grassroots team draws on its 15 year experience on the Boards and Committees of dozens investment funds, financial institutions and industry bodies to assist others in building effective governance to achieve their financial and social goals.


In 2014, Grassroots advised the Board and management of an East African member of the Advans microfinance network on how to enhance internal management reporting and the role of the…

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Africa Board Fellowship

The Africa Board Fellowship (ABF) is a four year effort launched in 2014 to engage board members and CEOs of African microfinance institutions in peer learning and exchange and strengthen…

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Launched in 2001, the AfriCap Microfinance Investment Company was one of the first vintage of microfinance equity funds, building on the pioneering experience of Profund (1995-2005) in Latin America, and…

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Selected Appointments (Years Served)

Board & Chair

Bellwether India Fund (10)
India Financial Inclusion Fund (8)
Prospero Fund (6)
LocFund (5)
Emergency Liquidity Fund (8)
Catalyst MF Investments (10)
MicroVest (4)
Global Commercial MF Consortium (6)
BASICS Group (5)
Balkans Financial Sector Equity Fund (4)
Council of Microfinance Equity Funds / Financial Inclusion Equity Council (9)
Antares (5)
Short Term Liquidity Facility (5)
Hilltown Community Development Corp (4)

Advisory Board

Blue Orchard MF Securities (4)
Calmeadow Foundation (5)
Better Harvest Federal Credit Union Project (2)

Steering Committee

Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (2)
Slow Money Pioneer Valley (4)
Slow Living Summit (5)


In pursuing our social objectives, Grassroots develops, endorses, promotes, and implements recognized industry-wide standards and initiatives.

B Corp / GIIRS

Grassroots promotes industry standards including public benchmark and reporting efforts like B Corp and the Global Impact Investment Reporting System (GIIRS). GIIRS is a ratings system that provides comparable social…

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Financial Inclusion Equity Council

Paul DiLeo is a member of the executive committee of the Financial Inclusion Equity Council (FIEC, formerly Council of Microfinance Equity Funds). Grassroots has contributed to discussions of governance, social…

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Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance

Grassroots was one of the inaugural signatories of the UN-backed PRI Initiative’s PIIF (Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance) and took part in the voluntary pilots of the PRI’s new Reporting…

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Public Benefit Corporation

Grassroots was the first Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to be created in Delaware, USA in August of 2013.

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