Africa Board Fellowship

The key feature that distinguishes companies who consistently strike a balance between social and financial impact objectives is a coherent and committed Board that represents all stakeholders.

Grassroots assists others in building effective governance to achieve their social and financial goals.

Governance Experience

Over the past 20 years, Grassroots has served on dozens of Boards and Board Committees: of impact funds, impact companies, and impact industry bodies. In addition to our direct participation in Boards, we train directors, assess company governance, serve as TA’s and contribute to “best practice” and governance tools.

Africa Board Fellowship

The Africa Board Fellowship (ABF) is a four year effort launched in 2014 to engage board members and CEOs of African microfinance institutions in peer learning and exchange and strengthen the [...]


In 2014, Grassroots advised the Board and management of an East African member of the Advans microfinance network on how to enhance internal management reporting and the role of the Board in [...]


Launched in 2001, the AfriCap Microfinance Investment Company was one of the first vintage of microfinance equity funds, building on the pioneering experience of Profund (1995-2005) in Latin [...]

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