Grassroots has played a key role in establishing standards for rating social performance

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Grassroots was an early advocate and shaper of key impact benchmark and reporting efforts like B Corp and the Global Impact Investment Reporting System (GIIRS). Grassroots was the first Public Benefit Corporation to be incorporated in Delaware in 2007. We are a consistent participant in the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) and currently act as Co-Chair of its Investor Working Group.

Grassroots believes that meaningful impact and outcome reporting are as essential to any impact company as financial statements. Impact investors and companies need to continuously incorporate the latest research on the effectiveness of models and products in achieving their impact objectives.

Grassroots has always taken the lead, from the first equity investment in an India Microfinance Institution, to managing the first Private Impact Fund of Funds.

Grassroots has provided anchor capital for the first impact holding company to successfully IPO in London. Historically and prudently Grassroots pushes the envelope of what impact investment can accomplish with increasingly rigorous and meaningful social and financial accountability.

Grassroots high standard of accountability is accomplished by utilizing all the gold standards of impact investing industry metric tools at our disposal, including the B Impact Assessment, Social Performance Task Force guidelines, as well as our own proprietary tools that include on-the-ground assessments by our partners.