Microfinance in 10 Years: Thoughts from European Microfinance Week 2017

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On December 1st, Paul DiLeo moderated the closing plenary of European Microfinance Week, exploring the question of where microfinance – and MFIs – would be in five or 10 years. Panelists came from different organizations with varying perspectives of the industry. The week to that point had been filled with energetic discussions of the latest initiatives in housing, support for refugees, and women’s opportunity and empowerment, among other topics. But in the background lurked some uncertainty and unease: Where in the ferment of aggressively downscaling commercial banks, disruptive and well-funded fintechs, and profit prioritizing “impact investors” would MFIs find their place going forward?

For more on Paul’s takeaways, click here and you can find the video of the plenary here.