Microfinance:Revolution or Footnote? Microfinance Over the Next Ten Years

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Join Paul DiLeo of Grassroots on May 15th at 9AM EST for this webinar as we discuss important issues facing the future of Microfinance, hosted by CGAP.

Paul DiLeo, President of Grassroots will extrapolate from discussions held during a two day seminar, “The Microfinance Industry: Revolution or Footnote? Lessons for the Next 10 Years” co-organized by Grassroots and LIPAM, hosted at Lehigh University’s Martindale Center. Discussions will also be drawn from a white paper co-written by Paul DiLeo and Anna Kanze of Grassroots, Todd Watkins of Lehigh’s Martindale Center, and Ira Lieberman of LIPAM.

For the webinar, Paul will be joined by Ira Lieberman. Please click here to register.